Ilusiones Ópticas

Espitia’s current work revolves around his ‘Crash’ universe; which is created from a large variety of materials. Made from recycled materials, he creates optical illusions belonging to a universe where our eyes deceive us, our brain limits us and only see what we want to see. Working off two studios, one in Miami and the other in Colombia, Espitia works with 11 recycling boys who help him get materials and also get to help out with his work. He uses pieces made out of recycled toys, books, CDs and video films, plus a bunch of cassettes and all kinds of items which, due to the fact that they fell "prey" to the collision and were knocked out of circulation, are now used for works of art that makes us see what is nonexistent.

Instagram: @rafaelespitia

Facebook: Rafael Espitia Perea 


Ventas Alicia Paz 

Whatsapp: +57 318 574 0481