CHILD PRODIGY (1981 a 1988)

"Everything started went as a very young child, I remember I was 5 years old I used to play that I was a painter and had exhibitions and my mom used to organize my paintings on the walls of our house, my grandmother had to run to hang the painting of Topo Gigio that I had made when she came to visit and have people around me watching me paint. Then at age 12, I used to do live painting with watercolors on the streets of Cartagena with my mother and very good professional artists that allowed me to accompany them and learn from them, everything started when I was very young, I do not know at what point I became a painter, I think I've always been a painter."

Rafael Espitia


Rafael Espitia
Rafael Espitia

A child prodigy who exhibits since he was 13 years old. Here you can see some of his paintings.


Child Prodigy
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Espitia Watercolors from 1983 to 1988